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PRK Surgery in Kennewick, WA

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Enjoy crisp and clear vision by depending on our experienced surgeons for PRK surgery in Kennewick, WA. Known as photorefractive keratectomy, PRK is a quick, painless, and reliable procedure that is excellent for patients that may not be good candidates for LASIK. Much like LASIK, this procedure has helped millions of people achieve clearer vision and independence from glasses or contact lenses. Some of the benefits of choosing PRK over LASIK include:

 Less Chance of Postoperative Complications
 Safer Procedure Than LASIK
 Does Not Produce Dry Eyes

 Does Not Weaken Cornea
 Good Choice for US Military Personnel
 Proven Track Record of Success


Talented & Trained PRK Surgeons

Although LASIK is a very safe surgery, PRK eye surgery is even safer. It is an excellent alternative for patients who do not qualify for LASIK or those who are prone to trauma (i.e., police, military, etc.). Physicians have been performing PRK surgery since 1987, longer than LASIK. Thus, it has been perfected over the years and provided reliable results. Our PRK surgeons can help you decide if PRK is right for you. We are a highly trained team that has successfully performed thousands of these surgeries.

About PRK Eye Surgery

Unlike LASIK, where a cornea flap is created to access the underlying cornea, PRK does not create a cornea flap. Instead, in PRK eye surgery, the outer layer of the cornea (epithelium) is removed. This allows cornea reshaping to be performed directly on the cornea's surface. The identical laser vision correction treatment used for LASIK is used during PRK eye surgery. It is a painless procedure that provides equivalent outcomes. For the most part, patients who undergo PRK surgery have fewer complications than those who have LASIK.

A PRK Surgeon You Can Trust

Deciding between LASIK and PRK is not something you should do on your own. Dr. Joseph King, our medical director and chief PRK surgeon, has provided LASIK and PRK eye surgery for many years. After conducting a free and thorough exam, his team can help you determine if PRK suits you. At King LASIK, we have performed more than 100,000 laser eye surgeries on patients in the region.
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